Saturday, May 7, 2016

The 3 R's of Books for Kids

3 R's of Ruthi Reads Books For Kids - Read, Review, Rave
3 R's of Ruthi Reads Books For Kids - Read, Review, Rave
I am a firm believer in the new and improved 3 R's - READ! REVIEW! RAVE! I stand ready, willing, and able to share a good read for children worldwide.
Along with reading children's books comes the responsibility of providing others with an honest appraisal of the books. But of course, writing a book review is one of the best ways to share what we think of the books we read. Then, we need to get our rave reviews into the hands of readers so they are better informed for making their next book selection. That's where I come in!
If you submit your 12 and Under children's book review link to me - and I like it - I just might proceed with spotlighting and sharing your review right here on my books for kids blog. I might also share the links to your rave reviews on social sites, including Ruthi Reads Books For Kids on Facebook.
You may be wondering, "Why would she promote my book review?"
I am on a mission to put good books into the hands of children and into the hands of the adults who read these books with them. While I publish my reviews of books for kids, I cannot possibly read and review every book for kids that is published. And that is where you come in.
I am honored to have you joining me in this mission!

Read Books for Kids

How To Read A Book
If you wish to get the most out of the books you read, get yourself a copy of this book!

I worked in a used bookstore for about a year a decade ago. I discovered and purchased many gems from the book shelves at my disposal. (In fact, I spent half my paycheck on books!) I was fortunate to grab myself an old and worn copy of this one, which I believe to be one of the most comprehensive guides to reading.

The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing

Review Books for Kids

Writing book reviews in an art! "The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing" is a great guide for teaching the basics and important factors involved in writing an engaging and comprehensive review for readers.

When it has been a while since I have written an evaluation of a book, I like to brush up on the techniques of doing so. In the case of children's literature, I often refer to the Children's Book Review Guide.

Rave About Good Books for Kids

Tell Me A Story
Once we have read a book for children and written our review of the book it is time to share our review with others too. Rave about books for kids!

It is important, too, for us to occasionally rant about a book for kids that we feel may in some way be inappropriate reading for children. Yes, we need to share our not-so-good reads too so that only good story books are put in the hands of young readers.

Whether ranting or raving, our job is not done until we have passed a good book review for kids forward to the adults who will be selecting good books for kids.

Feel free to share the links to your reviews of books for kids (aged 12 and under) on the InLinkz list provided below so that I and others may read them.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Three Little Pigs Power of Poverty

The Three Little Pigs - Buy Now on Amazon
Once upon a time there lived a mother pig and her three little hungry piglets... Ah! Yes, most of us know well the classic tale of The Three Little Pigs. Many of us have grown up and raised our children on one version or another of this traditional folktale for kids. (Myself included.)

But is this storybook just for kids? I think not.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Mothers and fathers—those who have not the resources to fulfill the hunger of their children. The elders are all too aware that their youth hunger - not just for food - but also for shelter from the storms a life of impoverishment has brought upon them.

Just as the wolf in the pig tale was able to gobble up a couple of the piglets, many children born unto poverty are eaten alive by the wolves of less than and have-not.

The collective we (that's you and me) of society and culture have cheated the poor out of needful things - training in how to live, rather than survive. Education, the Arts and Philosophies, Travel, History, and World Views—these are the necessary ingredients to keep hope alive in the spirits of the poor.

In the re-reading of my copy of The Three Little Pigs, I have come to realize just what a golden book it really is. I encourage you to treat yourself to another reading and review of its content too.
You may find that somewhere along the line, those who have built their house strong enough to withstand the battering of the wolves have done so through the inspirational gift of another.

Be that gift!

Share classic books for kids with your children. Read books with children which address the social issues of living in poverty, and perhaps, what we can do to bring ourselves and our community out of its stronghold. Remember to pause now and then to encourage discussion of the content as if it matters ... It does!

Where there is Power in Poverty - Something is Broken and We Must Fix It - Even in America!

Disclosure: I may earn income as an Amazon Associate via links in this article.