Saturday, June 28, 2014

Support Spencer Little Literacy Library

The Library
Is Leawood the Grinch who Stole Spencer's Give and Take Library?

Young spencer has had the library he had planted in his front yard removed to the garage in the family home by order of somewhat of a Grinch—the city of Leawood, Kansas.

In support of Spencer's little library, I share this ABC news story of a young boy whose reading enthusiasm should not be squelched due to structural code violations.

Yes, the rule book must be followed but maybe it is time Leawood, Kansas change the laws in order to promote childhood literacy through neighborhood sharing of children's books.

Support Spencer and Literacy

We can support Spencer and follow his battle for literacy by following Spencer's Little Free Library on Facebook.

There you will find information to contact Leawood City Hall to make a positive suggestion regarding amendment of the city code to allow for mini libraries within its boundaries.

Promote Literacy With A Little Library

I first heard of these little libraries cropping up in neighborhoods through an article on how to improve literacy which led me to the Little Free Library organization.

I would love to set up a mini-library in my yard. Would you? 

A word of caution: Check your city code before you do! Or, you may have a fight on your hands just like the Spencer lad.

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