Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ruthi Reads Books For Kids

Welcome, kids of all ages, to Ruthi Reads Books For Kids! The concentration on this blog shall be that of reading, reviewing, and raving about books for children from the age group of birth to 12 years old.

I want you all to know, though, that I believe books to be golden for adults too.

Each time I pick up one of the Little Golden Books Classics for re-reading, I am spirited off to a wonderful place of make-believe and my childish imagination runs wild.

Then, too, I often become engrossed in a new perspective of a book, the words or rhyme now enlightened by reason born of real life and living, as with when I recently read The Three Little Pigs for review purposes.

John Denver describes my feelings towards children and books best in his folk song Rhymes and Reasons.

I believe books for kids to be like the flowers - pure and sweet as the driven snow - and I wish this fact for every child of the earth to know as they read and grow.

One of my greatest pleasures is that of an author of a book for children to send me a signed copy of his or her latest publication. I enjoy the reading, the reviewing, and the raving about the book and the author.

You are sure to be introduced to many great authors and books here. That is my promise to you and to the children in your life.

Until we meet again ... Read, Review, Rave!